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A closure-independent Generalized Roe solver for free-surface,two-phase flows over mobile bed

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In this work the Generalized Roe solver, introduced in Rosatti and Begnudelli, (2013) for the case of a specific closure, is reformulated in a complete closure-independent way. This gives the solver a quite general applicability to several different natural phenomena can that be studied in the framework of free-surface, two-phase flows over mobile bed. Read more...

On the range of validity of the Exner-based models


Fig 10

In this paper, the limit of applicability of the Exner-based sediment transport models is studied. The limit, expressed in terms of sediment concentration, appears to be equal to 1%. Furthermore, an accurate and efficient numerical model for sediment transport modelling in variable section prismatic channels is presented. Read more...

Management of flood hazard via hydro-morphological river modelling. The case of the Mallero in Italian Alps

In this paper, feasibility and positive outcome of incorporating sediment transport modelling into the evaluation of flood hazard are assessed with reference to the case of the Mallero River in northern Italy. Read more...mallero




WEbgis modElling and haZard Assessment for mountain flows:

an integRated system in clouD


weezard tool

Research & teaching: a lifelong passion


«Scientists investigate that which already is;

engineers create that which has never been».


Albert Einstein


My primary research interest is developing numerical models for describing solid-liquid flows, mainly in natural or anthropized environments. This task requires the challenging effort to combine the capability of understanding and mathematically describing a phenomenon, peculiar to a scientist, with the ability of building innovative computer-based tools for an effective solution of practical problems, distinctive of an engineer. Linking research to the engineering professional world is one of the most exciting and stimulating aspects of my work I am trying to pursue since the beginning of my career.

Another component of the academic work that I like very much is teaching. I think that teaching is not only knowledge transfer but also (and probably essentially) arousing interest, enthusiasm and passion for a subject. My effort is to do a good job in order to mould brilliant and qualified engineers and scientists.


  • Stramazzo3mulinello


    The target of the course is to provide the basics of the mechanics of liquids and gases and the applications of fluid mechanics. The course presents several topics that are relevant for the professional education of a civil or environmental engineering.


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  • vessel diameter etcPicture pressure valve


    The course is aimed at providing the student with the basic knowledge of fluid dynamics with particular emphasis on biofluids.


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  • DSC 0526DSC 0492


    The course is a module of the Environmental and Land Engineering course. The aim is provifing the student with the basics on snow and avalanche mechanics, risk evaluation, protection works and legislation aspects.


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